Iranian Student Caught In Trump’s Muslim Ban Has Been Waiting 8 Months

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FEATURING AFSHIN AHMADI – When Donald Trump’s executive order banning nationals from 7 Muslim majority countries was suddenly enacted, those who happened to be traveling back to the US were caught in the dragnet. Immigrants with valid visas, and even green cards, were detained, and some even deported in the chaos and confusion that ensued. Particularly impacted were scientists and tech workers, and university students. Although the ban is meant to last a few months, for those students who have been waiting in their home countries for approval of their student visas, Trump’s ban has amounted to an indefinite ban.

NOTE: In addition to Ahmadi, two other Iranian students at Clemson University remain unable to renew their visas: Nayere Tajielyato and Nazanin Zinouri.

Afshin Ahmadi, Iranian graduate student at Clemson University, South Carolina, waiting for 8 months to renew his student visa to return to US.