Trump’s Exec Order On Regulations Threatens Public Protections

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FEATURING ROBERT WEISSMAN – Donald Trump’s executive orders are fomenting mass panic and chaos at all levels of American society. One of his orders that has not garnered as much attention, is his demand that for every new regulation that a federal agency proposes it will have to offer up two that need to be removed.

Trump has characterized regulations as hampering our economy. But in fact regulations are in place to protect the public, and calling them “protections” might be more accurate. Regulations require our drinking water and air to be clean, and our infrastructure to be safe even if it costs corporations more to do so. Regulations protect consumers from predatory corporate practices, and require pharmaceutical companies to rigorously test drugs before selling them to the public. In weakening regulations, Trump wants to strengthen corporations at the expense of public safety and security. How exactly does that “Make America Great Again?”

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Robert Weissman, a public interest advocate and activist and the President of Public Citizen.