Author John A. Farrell Discusses His New Book ‘Richard Nixon: The Life’ – EXTENDED INTERVIEW

FEATURING JOHN A. FARRELL – Donald Trump’s presidency, even before it officially began, drew immediate comparisons to Richard Nixon. Nixon was considered by most historians to have the darkest Presidential legacy, having had a meteoric rise in his political career only to become the first President to resign in disgrace after the Watergate scandal.

Nixon’s paranoia, race baiting, fear mongering, divisiveness, and secrecy were his undoing. Today, the definitive biography of Richard Nixon by my guest John A. Farrell couldn’t have come at a more relevant time. The New York Times called the 700-page tour-de-force a “thin-skinned, media-hating President.”

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John A. Farrell, author of Clarence Darrow: Attorney for the Damned, which won the LA Times Book Prize for biography, and Tip O’ Neill and the Democratic Century. He is a long-time journalist who has worked at The Denver Post and at The Boston Globe where he served as White House correspondent. His new book is called Richard Nixon: The Life.