Did Media Hysterics on Russia Drive Trump’s Syria Strike?

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FEATURING NORMAN SOLOMON – The Trump administration’s air strikes on Syrian government targets last week have escalated tensions with Russia. The Putin regime is Syria’s most powerful ally and within just hours, US-Russia relations went from thawing to ice-cold as Russia denounced the air strikes.

Mainstream media sources that had been beating the drums US-Russia collusion and of Trump being in Russia’s pocket, suddenly turned giddy with delight at the Syria strikes. In what may have been one of the very few positive headlines about Trump since he became President, the New York Times wrote, “On Syria Attack, Trump’s Heart Came First.” After public outrage, the headline was later changed to, “Acting on Instinct, Trump Upends His Own Foreign Policy.”

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Norman Solomon, coordinator of RootsAction.org, and Executive Director of the Institute for Public Accuracy.