With Trump in White House, GOP Chips Away At Reproductive Rights

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FEATURING CHRISTINE GRIMALDI – The GOP-dominated House of Representatives on Thursday moved a step closer to defund Planned Parenthood of some of its funding. The House passed a bill designed to block the organization’s clinics from receiving Title X funding, which covers STD screening, contraception, breast exams, and PAP smear tests, but not abortion.

The vote came just weeks after Representative Steve King introduced a so-called “heartbeat bill” which would amount to a total abortion ban, and Donald Trump signed an Executive Order to cut off US aid to foreign family planning efforts.

There have been pro- and anti-abortion rallies in cities around the nation since Trump took office. Polls have found that nearly 60% of Americans favor the right to an abortion in all or most cases.

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Christine Grimaldi, Federal Policy Reporter for Rewire News