Will Trump’s Muslim Ban Die In the Courts?

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FEATURING COREY BRETTSCHNEIDER – The ACLU has filed a Freedom of Information Act request to the Customs and Border Patrol to determine if the agency’s staff is continuing to enforce Donald Trump’s “Muslim ban” at those airports where US customs are handled before passengers take off, such as at Canadian ports. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals last week unanimously struck down the Executive Order that Trump signed prohibiting nationals from 7 Muslim majority countries to enter despite having valid visas or refugee status. Mr. Trump on Twitter threatened to see the judges “in court.”

Will the Muslim ban be found unconstitutional or not? After all, the US has throughout its history carried out policies discriminating against specific ethnicities or groups of immigrants.

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Corey Brettschneider, professor of political science at Brown University. He is the author of When the State Speaks, What Should It Say: How Democracies Can Protect Expression and Promote Equality and Trump vs. The Constitution.