Will Trump’s Foreign Policy on Syria Be Pro-Russia?

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FEATURING REESE ERLICH – With just days to go before President elect Donald Trump is inaugurated, Russia’s government has invited Trump’s team to an upcoming meeting in Kazakhstan over the Syria war. Russia has played a major role in the Syrian crisis, openly siding with the government of Bashar Al Assad, providing weapons and dropping bombs.

Meanwhile CNN is reporting that the Pentagon is currently preparing plans for the Trump administration to consider that would include aggressive attacks on ISIS including sending US combat troops into Syria.

Given the alliance between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, will we see a future US foreign policy squarely in line with Assad, despite the dictator’s documented war crimes?

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Reese Erlich, veteran foreign correspondent and author of a number of books about the Middle East and war on terror, including Inside Syria: The Backstory of Their Civil War and What the World Can Expect.