Vote First Or Die: The New Hampshire Primary

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FEATURING SCOTT CONROY – Lawmakers in California, sick of their state’s lack of influence over the Presidential elections have proposed moving up their primary race to just after Iowa and New Hampshire. Currently the nation’s most populous and most racially diverse state holds it primary so late in the year that presidential candidates often fail to prioritize campaigning there.

Meanwhile, the smaller and more racially homogenous states of Iowa and New Hampshire play an outsize role in narrowing down fields of candidates.

Now, a new book called Vote First Or Die offers an in-depth and humorous look at New Hampshire’s primary races, and why voters in the Granite State are so enthusiastic about political participation and their role in the choosing party nominees.

Scott Conroy, author of Sarah from Alaska, creator and director of New Hampshire, a seven-part Huffington Post original documentary series about life on the 2016 trail. His new book is called Vote First Or Die – The New Hampshire Primary: America’s Discerning, Magnificent, and Absurd Road to the White House.

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  1. Sonali, This is the best suggestion yet. Why is California last. They did not count all our votes last time. Eight million votes were not counted.

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