Under Trump FCC May Eviscerate Net Neutrality

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FEATURING TIMOTHY KARR – While we’ve been trying to keep up with the dizzying array of threats to public safety, security, and sanity under Donald Trump, the new leadership of the Federal Communications Commission has gotten less scrutiny. But the story is quite crucial.

Newly appointed FCC chairperson Ajit Pai was one of the Republican commissioners to the 5-person panel under President Obama and replaced Tom Wheeler.

Like most Trump appointees, Pai is a pro-business Washington insider who once was a legal counsel to Verizon. He has made unilateral decisions in just the last few weeks that indicate he intends to eviscerate the hard-fought preservation of “net neutrality” under President Obama.

FCC chairs are appointed by the President and do not need Senate confirmations.

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Timothy Karr, Senior Director of Strategy at Free Press and Free Press Action Fund.