Trump’s FCC Is Racing to Overturn Net Neutrality

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FEATURING ERNESTO FALCON – The Federal Communications Commission is set to vote on its 2015 “net neutrality” rules next week. The term “net neutrality” is considered to be a basic principal of the Internet that prohibits service providers from “speeding up, slowing down or blocking any content, applications or websites.”

A new poll by a telecomm industry trade group has found massive public support for preserving net neutrality, but under FCC chair Ajit Pai, all that is now in question. Pai has paid lip service to preserving net neutrality but is racing to undermine it.

Meanwhile, TV host John Oliver recently covered the FCC and net neutrality on his show, urging his viewers to post their comments to the FCC’s website. When it’s servers crashed, the FCC claimed it was the victim of a cyber attack without offering proof.

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Ernesto Falcon, Legislative Counsel with the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

One thought on “Trump’s FCC Is Racing to Overturn Net Neutrality

  1. Maybe what actually crashed them was that allies of Verizon and Comcast are using fake accounts to stuff the ballot box with anti-Net Neutrality comments. This information came in email from #AllofUs
    Although, I hope we did crash it with our comments. Net neutrality is our vital lifeline to information.

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