Trump’s “Election Fraud” Panel Gives GOP Cover for Voter Suppression

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FEATURING GREG PALAST – Donald Trump, soon after last November’s election, made wild claims about millions of votes cast by non-citizens as a way to explain his popular vote loss. Refusing to back off from those claims, he has now convened a so-called “election fraud” panel to which he named Kansas State Secretary Kris Kobach, famous for being the subject of four successful ACLU lawsuits based on his blocking the legitimate rights of thousands of people to vote.

Trump’s claims of election fraud are perfectly in line with a long-running claim by Republicans like Kobach that is utterly lacking in evidence, of widespread election fraud in the US. Only when seen through an Orwellian lens do these conservative claims make sense: by claiming there is election fraud the GOP, and now Trump, create the basis for undermining voting rights of those people who tend to vote for their rivals. In other words, Trump’s election fraud panel might as well be entitled a “vote suppression” panel.

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Greg Palast, investigative reporter, whose news-breaking stories appear on BBC Television, The Guardian and now in Rolling Stone Magazine. His new film is The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: A Tale of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits, based on his New York Times bestselling books.

One thought on “Trump’s “Election Fraud” Panel Gives GOP Cover for Voter Suppression

  1. Sonali
    During the last local election I went to the wrong voting place(my voting place had been changed and I hadn’t noticed it on the sample ballot.) When I could not be found on the registration list which listed all of my neighbors, the poll worker sent me to another precinct that I had previously been assigned to. When I got there, my name could not be found on this registration list either. So they told me to fill out an absentee ballot form. Then they let me vote. When I got home I took another look at my sample ballot and saw that my voter location was in a neighborhood down the hill from me. So, I went over there to see if my name was on their list….and yes it was. If I had been dishonest I could have voted there even though I had just voted a few hours earlier at the other precinct!
    Jo Shannon

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