Trump Lays Waste to Obama’s Clean Energy Plan

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FEATURING MARY ANNE HITT – Donald Trump attempted to fulfill a major campaign promise this week when he signed an executive order undoing President Obama’s signature set of climate policies called the Clean Power Plan. Flanked by a cadre of male coal miners and cabinet members, Trump signed an order that is extremely broad, aimed at the renewable energy initiatives and fuel efficiency of cars and appliances in Obama’s plan. Trump aims especially to revive the dying coal industry in the US. The question is, can he actually carry out this backward-looking set of ideas, especially given that the science on climate change and air pollution is extremely well-established?

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Mary Anne Hitt, Director of Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign.

One thought on “Trump Lays Waste to Obama’s Clean Energy Plan

  1. Thanks Mary Anne for speaking truth and supporting the people who have been most affected by the coal industry and politics. Somali’s tone and line of questioning related to intelligence of the people of WV was offensive. Thanks for providing some much needed education.

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