Trump Era Brings Uncertainty To Marijuana Legalization

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FEATURING JUSTIN STREKAL – Last November’s general election saw not just the victory of several state wide ballot measures to legalize marijuana, but also the electoral college win of a candidate who could undermine those legalization efforts. California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada did their bit to undermine the war on drugs by passing measures legalizing cannabis use in various capacities. These were all states where Donald Trump lost to Hillary Clinton.

Now, Trump’s Attorney General, the ultra-conservative Jeff Sessions could pose a serious threat to legalization efforts. Sessions has said in the past that, “Good people don’t smoke marijuana.” And, Press Secretary Sean Spicer said a few weeks ago, “I do believe that you’ll see greater enforcement” of federal drug laws.

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Justin Strekal, Political Director for NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

One thought on “Trump Era Brings Uncertainty To Marijuana Legalization

  1. Marijuana is not physically addictive. Colorado is a perfect example of how our nation should be. It has decreased opiate use by legalization of marijuana and less crime. It has been debunked as a gateway drug. It can be regulated and taxed. It has helped every state that has recreational use get out of debt which then helps our federal government. Good , smart and creative eople use it. Prohibition has given birth to drug cartels.any other countries have legalized it. It is time for our country to become progressive. Marijuana has never killed anyone but has helped many. Every day many people die from alcohol and tobacco and big pharmaceutical drugs. Many of us believe big pharma runs our country. We have the right to choose what medications we use. Do not try to take that right away. Pharmarmaceutical drugs are processed from plants that can has deadly side effects. Marijuana is not processed. Cigarettes and alcohol are processed. All three kill. Cigarettes alone have 200 pls chemicals added during processing to keep people addicted to them. Stop letting all 3of these industries from running our country and killing people.

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