Remembering Lynne Stewart

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FEATURING NOELLE HANRAHAN – Famed activist and lawyer Lynne Stewart passed away on March 7, 2017 at the age of 77 after suffering from a series of strokes. Stewart had been released from prison on compassionate grounds in 2014 as she battled stage 4 cancer. The celebrated lawyer who had been incarcerated under post 9-11 “Special Administrative Measures” for sharing her terrorism suspect client’s views with a reporter, was incarcerated for 4 years.

Lynne Stewart became known for representing controversial clients, and according to one press account, she “defended America’s poor, underprivileged, unwanted, and forgotten (Indymedia).”

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Noelle Hanrahan, Director of Prison Radio and an investigative journalist.

One thought on “Remembering Lynne Stewart

  1. Thank you, Sonali, for this attention to one of the bravest voices for the rule of law and of Justice in this country in the last hundred years. A victim of the Bush era Right-Wing, Bless her work, her husband and family, and may her spirit live on through many others.

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