New Film ‘National Bird’ Exposes Underside of Drone Wars

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FEATURING SONIA KENNEBECK – The electoral college win of Donald Trump has many people worried about his finger on the nuclear button. But what about the vast and unchecked powers of the executive office that President Barack Obama enjoyed during his 8 years in office? Those powers gave Obama oversight over a dangerous and semi-secret program of drone warfare that has created untold numbers of innocent victims in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen. Now, President elect Trump will oversee this program.

Coming at a crucial political moment to help ordinary Americans understand what the US drone program is all about is a new documentary called National Bird executive produced by Wim Wenders and Errol Morris. National Bird is centered on the testimonies of US drone operators who have decided to go public about what they did.

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Sonia Kennebeck, Director & Producer of National Bird.