Lawsuit: Trump’s Climate Policies Threaten Children’s Future

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FEATURING PHILIP GREGORY – Nearly two dozen young Americans are suing the US government for jeopardizing their future by not doing enough to curb climate change. The lawsuit, led by Our Children’s Trust, began under the Obama Administration. Now, given the propensity of the White House’s new occupant to deny the reality of global warming, the lawsuit could become the central flashpoint over climate change. The Washington Post recently covered the lawsuit, warning that, “Trump could face the ‘biggest trial of the century’ — over climate change.”

Philip Gregory will be speaking in San Francisco alongside one of the youth plaintiffs, and the Executive Director of Our Children’s Trust Julia Olson, on Thursday February 9th at the Commonwealth Club, 555 Post St., San Francisco at 5:30 pm. Buy tickets for the event HERE.

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Philip Gregory, counsel for the youth plaintiffs at Our Children’s Trust.