Is Trump’s Voter Fraud Fantasy A Cover for Suppression?

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FEATURING JENNIFER CLARK – Republicans have long contended that there is widespread voter fraud in US elections so they can justify suppressing the votes of primarily people of color, youth, and the disabled. Now they have someone in the White House who is openly claiming that he lost the popular vote because there were “millions who voted illegally.”

Donald Trump appears to not understand the simple distinction between people who might be registered to vote in two different states, and those who might actually vote twice. In his justifications of voter fraud he has often cited a Pew Research report on double voter registrations, and has assumed that the results means there is voter fraud.

By that same standard his daughter Tiffany Trump, his Treasure Secretary pick Steve Mnuchin, and his chief strategist Steve Bannon, must be committing Trump-style voter fraud as it has now emerged that they are all registered in at least two different states.

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Jennifer Clark, counsel in the Brennan Center’s Democracy Program.

One thought on “Is Trump’s Voter Fraud Fantasy A Cover for Suppression?

  1. Sonali~
    How come you are not asking your guests who are speaking about voter fraud to comment on the Cross Check system that is used in over 30 states to eliminate millions of voters of color? It seems to me that Trump is creating a smoke screen around voter fraud that most reporters are simply reacting to, instead of reporting on the Cross Check system that is true voter fraud. To find out more about Cross Check, go to or google Greg Palast.

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