Into Action: A Former White Supremacist Shares His Story of Transformation

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FEATURING CHRISTIAN PICCIOLINI – Christian Picciolini had no idea when he began working on his book about leaving a white supremacist movement that his story would be so timely and relevant at the time of his book’s eventual publication. Picciolini joined a neo-Nazi skinhead group at age 14 in Chicago where he grew up. It took him years to realize he needed to get out and start transforming his life. He co-founded an organization called Life After Hate and began working on his newly published book White American Youth: My Descent into America’s Most Violent Hate Movement– and How I Got Out.

Picciolini was a guest speaker at an activist pop-up show in Los Angeles taking place all week called Into Action. We’ll be bringing you interviews and coverage from Into Action all week, including this conversation I had with the former white supremacist.

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Christian Picciolini, musician, co-founder of Life After Hate, author of a new book called ‘White American Youth’.