In Choosing Perez Over Ellison, Did Democrats Seal Their Fate as Opposition Party?

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FEATURING DOUG HENWOOD – The Democratic National Committee’s elections over this past weekend were hugely contentious with progressive activists pushing the party to move left by electing Representative Keith Ellison as chair. But members picked former Labor Secretary Thomas Perez instead with Ellison as deputy chair.

Mr. Donald Trump congratulated Perez on Twitter before snarkily adding, “I could not be happier for him, or for the Republican Party!” Trump address the annual Conservative Political Action Committee meeting for the first time as President. During the address he made it his focus once more to slam the American media as the “enemy of the American people.” On Monday the President addressed the National Governor’s Association where he announced sharp increases to military spending and major cuts to other programs.

Doug Henwood, political economist, editor of Left Business Observer, author of After the New Economy, and My Turn: Hillary Clinton Targets The Presidency.