How Trump’s Budget Cuts Will Make Americans Homeless

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FEATURING SARAH MICKELSON – Donald Trump’s proposed budget cuts to the Department of Housing and Urban Development are deeply worrying public housing advocates. Draft copies of Trump’s budget obtained by the Washington Post show a possible 14% cut to the HUD budget, as well as devastating cuts to public housing repair and improvements, to the Housing Choice Voucher rental assistance program, and to programs that assist the elderly and disabled to obtain housing. There is already a major shortage of affordable housing in the US. If these proposed budget cuts go through, Trump will be simply making America Homeless Again.

NOTE: If you would like to express your opinion on these proposed budget cuts, NLIHC recommends you contact your Senate representatives. Find more at

Sarah Mickelson,
Public Policy Director
with the National Low Income Housing Coalition.

One thought on “How Trump’s Budget Cuts Will Make Americans Homeless

  1. I am 73, a former college prfessor, and Having been totally disabled since 1984, and without housing, during the past 32+ years, living in my car… as well as with family and friends.. when poosible… , Simply, what.. now what.. so what.?……talk is cheap… housing has been a problem for decades, no matter WHO, is in the White.. House… almost all of Congress is the major problem… and the 56 Federal Agencies… who all summarily ignored this crisis, …. (by all branches of government,) federal state, locally, everywhere, in the USA… folks do not care.. mostly ignore this problem, especiallly for Veterans… the Poor… single Moms, …. the disabled… seniors… living on disability… and then anyone who gets these benefits.. the EVIL EMPIRES DARTH VADER, “THE IRS” …INVADES, and demands you pay taxes…. on these gifts.. ?
    Our system of government, in all branches.. stink.. and mostbof our Congress.. Country… is… are…… Controlled by Big money.. end of story… United We Stand.. Divided We Fall…. we are a divided country…

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