Former Walmart Worker Fights For Better Wages

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FEATURING MARY WATKINES – One of the most notorious corporations in the world also happens to be the largest global retailer – Walmart. Expanding to many countries around the world, Walmart, which is owned by the billionaire Walton family, has obtained a bad reputation for treating its workers poorly, with wages so low they are forced to be on public social programs to live, and with systemic complaints of sexism.

In response to Walmart’s troubling practices former and current Walmart workers have teamed with the labor union UFCW to form the group Organization United for Respect at Walmart, or OUR Walmart.

At The People’s Summit in Chicago last weekend, I met Mary Watkines, a former Walmart worker and a founding member of Our Walmart in Washington state. Here is our conversation.

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Mary Watkines, founding member of Our Walmart in Washington state.