Filipino Immigrants Are Caught Between Trump and Duterte

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FEATURING ALYSSA AQUINO – Undocumented immigrants of all backgrounds are worried about living in Donald Trump’s America. Today we’ll focus on undocumented Filipino immigrants, who are part of the largest growing immigrant group in the nation: Asians.

The latest US Census finds that there are more than 3 million Filipino immigrants living in the US – that number of course includes those who have migrated with legal documents.

But for those Filipinos living in the US without papers, there are now two belligerent leaders they have to contend with. In addition to Trump’s overtly racist and anti-immigrant directives, the relatively new Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is creating a bloody legacy of mass killings under the name of a war on drugs. Duterte has bragged about Trump endorsing his violent campaign.

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Alyssa Aquino is a Next Leader at the Institute for Policy Studies.

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  1. I will be happy to see all Filipinos who support Duterte being Deported from USA, EU, Canada, and all Western countries. They seem attracted by the Fascist ideology of Duterte.

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