Federal Judge Slams Brakes on Trump’s Muslim Ban

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FEATURING CAITLIN SANDERSON – A US District court judge over the weekend issued the strongest stay on Donald Trump’s Muslim ban that had turned away thousands of refugees, valid visa holders and even some green card holders from US airports.

The ruling by Judge James Robart, who had been appointed by President George W. Bush, was the most wide-ranging of the slew of rulings in response to myriad lawsuits against Trump’s Executive Order. It required the travel ban to be suspended immediately and nationwide.

In response, Trump fired off a predictably childish tweet, referring to Robart as a “so-called judge,” deeming his ruling “ridiculous,” and vowing that it would be overturned.

CORRECTION: Sara Yarjani is an Iranian student, not Syrian as was mentioned during the interview.

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Caitlin Sanderson, staff attorney at the ACLU of Southern California Orange County Office. She is also the founding Board President of the Immigrant Defenders Law Center.