Does Trump Plan on Deporting 11 Million Undocumented Immigrants?

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FEATURING MEETH SONI – Two memoranda issued by the Department of Homeland Security builds on an executive order signed by Donald Trump in January over new immigration guidelines. The promises that Trump made during his campaign to deport immigrants, which many of his own supporters didn’t actually believe, are being implemented with frightening swiftness.

President Barack Obama, who was certainly not a friend to immigrants, had put in place some protections such as prioritizing of felony convicts for deportation, and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) programs. But what is likely to transpire under Trump will far eclipse what immigrants faced under Obama. Already the BBC is reporting that one Mexican man committed suicide near the border in Mexico this week shortly after being deported.

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Meeth Soni, Directing Attorney with Immigrant Defenders Law Center.