Californians Outraged After Single Payer Put On Hold

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FEATURING DON NIELSEN – California’s Assembly speaker Anthony Rendon has angered advocates of Single Payer healthcare in the nation’s most populous state after he decided to table Senate Bill 562 for a year. The Senate had passed the bill to create a state-run healthcare system but now it appears that single payer may have to wait for at least a year before it can become law – unless activists are successful in overturning Rendon’s decision.

Rendon justified his decision saying the bill was, “woefully inadequate.” At the heart of the matter is the apparent lack of a funding plan to make the bill a reality.

The National Nurses United, which has been the main political driving force behind SB 562, are mobilizing against Rendon’s decision this week.

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Don Nielsen, Director of Government Relations at California Nurses Association.

2 thoughts on “Californians Outraged After Single Payer Put On Hold

  1. This is indeed very frustrating and it will be great if there’s some way to create political pressure to reverse Rendon’s decision. But, if not, we could look at this as an opportunity to make another important change in California government: the creation of a state bank (“Bank of California”), having the same structure as the successful longtime Bank of North Dakota. This bank could answer *most” of the objections about a funding mechanism for single payer.

    The Bank of North Dakota has allowed North Dakota to fund state infrastructure projects at much lower interest rates than comparable projects financed by, say, eastern banks. See my article here:

    “A California State-Owned Bank Could Help Finance Single-Payer”

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