As Visitors Flock To Disneyland, Homeless Advocates Stage Protest

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FEATURING EVE BARROW – As thousands of Americans flock to Southern California this summer for their dream Disneyland vacation, the so-called “Happiest Place on Earth” is having some PR problems.

Advocates for the homeless recently leafletted the Anaheim Convention Center where an expo for Disney fans was taking place. Later that evening they staged a “sleep-out” in front of Disneyland. The activists are calling out Disneyland, one of the largest employers in Orange County, California, for failing to pay its workers a living wage.

Additionally Disneyland has also come under fire because the city of Anaheim arranged for bus stop benches near its location to be removed – benches that homeless people often slept on. Some of Disneyland’s own employees are among the local homeless population.

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Eve Barrow, homelessness policy analyst and advocate with ACLU of Southern California.

One thought on “As Visitors Flock To Disneyland, Homeless Advocates Stage Protest

  1. This was a good show! I used to go to Disneyland quite often. Now I only go when I have a way of getting in free, which is rare. (I found a place nearby where I can park free, too.)

    I was horrified when, about 20 years ago, Disneyland let their safety staff go so that other people could do the job cheaper. Suddenly guests started dying on rides that were mildly wild/turbulent or not wild at all (a person was killed while waiting at the dock of the Columbia sailing ship). Meanwhile, Disneyland, of course, continued to jack their prices up. That’s what did it for me (even though Disney was pressured to bring their safety staff back).

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