As Budget Deadline Looms, Will GOP Propose Deep Cuts?

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FEATURING LINDSAY KOSHGARIAN – Republicans are finally openly discussing their real rationale for passing a $1.5 trillion deficit-causing tax reform bill: to cut spending, namely Social Security and Medicare. Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio was among the first to say out loud to the press a week ago that, “you … have to bring spending under control. And not discretionary spending. That isn’t the driver of our debt. The driver of our debt is the structure of Social Security and Medicare for future beneficiaries.”

As the federal government’s budget deadline of December 8th looms fast Democrats, who have been left out of all discussions on the tax reform bill are expected to negotiate with Republicans to avert a government shutdown. During President Obama’s tenure Republicans held government agencies hostage multiple times over their demands for spending cuts.

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Lindsay Koshgarian, Research Director at National Priorities Project.