Resisting Trump

Weekend Marches Denounced Racism and Prison System

FEATURING LAILA AZIZ - A week after the violent clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia between Nazis and anti-fascists, the streets of Boston, Massachusetts were filled this

After Charlottesville: A Discussion of Left Strategy

FEATURING ARUN GUPTA - There is a growing acknowledgement in the wake of the extreme right's "Summer of Hate" in Charlottesville, Virginia, that the left

Immigrants, Advocates Rally to Save DACA

FEATURING JUAN ESCALANTE - It has been five years since the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was implemented by President Barack Obama's administration.

What Does the FBI Raid on Manafort Home Mean?

FEATURING KEVIN GOSZTOLA - The Washington Post reported this week that in late July the FBI raided the home of former Trump campaign chairman Paul

Govt Climate Scientists Leak New Report to Press

FEATURING LIZ PERERA - Scientists from thirteen federal government agencies have worked on a damning new report on the impacts of climate change in the

Nebraska Residents Say No to Keystone XL, Yes to Solar

FEATURING JOYE BRAUN - Nebraska's Public Service commissioners met on Monday for their last hearing over the Keystone XL pipeline, holding the fate of the

Putting The Russia-Trump Controversy Into Perspective

FEATURING CHRIS HEDGES - News media in recent days have breathlessly pronounced that the Donald Trump Jr. emails about being interested in gathering dirt about

Seattle’s City Council Votes To Tax the Rich

FEATURING KSHAMA SAWANT - The Seattle City Council earlier this week passed a historic legislation to tax incomes of wealthy residents of their city. The

Do We Really Have Power Over Our Democracy?

FEATURING SAM DALEY-HARRIS - Donald Trump said he wanted to drain the swamp when he ran for President. But all he has done since entering

What Really Happened at the KKK Rally in Charlottesville?

FEATURING CHENJERAI KUMANYIKA - There was a time when the Ku Klux Klan was thought to be a relic of the US's past. But the

GOP Running Out of Time On Unpopular Healthcare Bill

FEATURRING LEANN HALL - Eighty protesters were arrested in Washington DC this week as activists greeted Republican lawmakers returning from recess. The protests were held

Women, Responding to NRA, Will March Against Gun Violence

FEATURING HOLLYE DEXTER - When NRA's spokeswoman Dana Loesch's video we posted to the gun lobby group's Facebook page, progressives took notice. The 1-minute video

Rules for Resistance: Advice From Around the Globe for the Age of Trump

FEATURING DAVID COLE - In the days after Americans experienced shock and horror at the election of Donald Trump, journalists, activists, and analysts from around

‘Day of Action’ For Net Neutrality May Be Largest Ever

FEATURING LAILA ABDELAZIZ - A poll by Politico and Morning Consult recently found 60% support among the public for the Federal Communications Commission's existing rules

How Cities Can Defend Against Trumpism Globally

FEATURING JIMMY TOBIAS - Many Americans are looking for pathways out of the dangerous political moment we find ourselves in as Donald Trump and his

Activists Face Arrest Protesting Trumpcare’s Cuts to Medicaid

FEATURING RHODA GIBSON and COLLEEN FLANAGAN - Senate Republicans finally unveiled their secret version of the American Health Care Act on Thursday morning. After suggesting

Applying Lessons From Anti-Apartheid Era to Today

FEATURING MADELINE JANIS - With Donald Trump's on-going threats to cut off federal funding to sanctuary cities, some activists are looking to the past for

Naomi Klein Says “No Is Not Enough”

FEATURING NAOMI KLEIN - Seventeen years ago journalist and author Naomi Klein burst into international fame with her best-selling book No Logo: Taking Aim at

Progressive Populist Jim Hightower Reflects on Age of Trump

FEATURING JIM HIGHTOWER - Thousands of progressive activists and organizers gathered at the People's Summit in Chicago last weekend to train, learn, and network in

Dakota Access Pipeline Fight Not Yet Over

FEATURING JUDITH LE BLANC - A federal judge this week unexpectedly ruled that the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline project cannot simply function as planned. According

Applying the Lessons From Sanders Campaign To Progressive Politics

FEATURING BECKY BOND - As we continue our coverage of The People's Summit, we turn next to Becky Bond who was a Senior Advisor

Jane Sanders Hopes To Build on Progressive Resurgence

FEATURING DR. JANE O'MEARA SANDERS - Four thousand progressive activists gathered last weekend in Chicago, Illinois for The People's Summit, an impressive annual conference organized

Thousands Attend The People’s Summit in Chicago, Hopeful of Change

FEATURING SONALI KOLHATKAR - Four thousand people from all over the US converged on the city of Chicago, Illinois from June 9-11th for The People's

All Is Not Lost: Climate Justice in the Age of Trump

FEATURING ELIZABETH SAWIN - Donald Trump has been roundly criticized for deciding to pull the US out of the Paris climate agreement - a largely

Trump’s Muslim Ban Is Defeated Yet Again

FEATURING COREY BRETTSCHNEIDER - A federal appeals court has once more handed Donald Trump a defeat by striking down the second iteration of his so-called

Fast Food Workers ‘March on McDonalds’ in Chicago

FEATURING KENDALL FELLS - Thousands of fast food workers have gathered in Chicago, Illinois this week to "March on McDonalds," joining with activist groups like

How States Can Make Up Federal Inaction on Climate

FEATURING BASAV SEN - A new report about the migration of trees north- and west-ward in the US in response to climate change, has underscored

Chelsea Manning Is Free And Will Appeal Her Conviction

FEATURING NATHAN FULLER - On Wednesday May 17th, whistle blower and political prisoner Chelsea Manning finally breathed freely after her 35-year sentence was commuted by

Battle Heats Up Over Bears Ears Monument in Utah

FEATURING CASSANDRA BEGAY - In the last weeks of his presidency, Barack Obama established the Bears Ears National Monument in Utah under the authority of

Trump Presidency In Deep Trouble As Talk of Impeachment Grows

FEATURING RON FEIN - In the days following the explosive revelations by the Washington Post that Donald Trump revealed sensitive information to Russian diplomats, talk

Trump’s FCC Is Racing to Overturn Net Neutrality

FEATURING ERNESTO FALCON - The Federal Communications Commission is set to vote on its 2015 "net neutrality" rules next week. The term "net neutrality" is

Will the Comey Firing Be Trump’s Undoing?

FEATURING MARCY WHEELER - Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, stepping in for his predecessor James Comey. Comey

Brave New Films Presents Primer on Making the US a Sanctuary Nation

When Donald Trump took office in early January, undocumented immigrants all over the nation felt a palpable sense of fear at a regime that had

Trump Signs Executive Order On Religious Politicking, Contraceptives

FEATURING BARRY LYNN - Republican House members passed a repeal of the Affordable Care Act on Thursday and replaced it with their version of a

Nader Says ‘Breaking Through Power’ Is Easier Than We Think

FEATURING RALPH NADER - The presidency of Donald Trump has thrown much of the nation into a sense of collective despair. Trump has attempted to

People’s Budget Offers Progressive Vision for Govt Spending

FEATURING HUNTER BLAIR - Republicans have reached a deal with Donald Trump to fund the federal government through this fall, averting a potential shutdown on

The Case for Impeachment

FEATURING ALLAN J. LICHTMAN - Hillary Clinton in a staged event with Christiane Amanpour on May 2nd bluntly stated that she would have been president

On May Day 2017 Immigrants and Union Organizers Come Together

Tens of thousands of people marched all over the United States and world this past Monday at a time when working people are facing the

On May Day 2017, Thousands Express Solidarity With Immigrant Workers

On May 1st, 2017, tens of thousands of people marked May Day, which, over the past decade or so, has become a day to affirm

On May Day 2017, Activists Reflect on Trump and His Anti-Worker Agenda

Donald Trump reaffirmed what all presidents before him since Eisenhower did on May 1st of this year: announce it as 'Loyalty Day.' But May Day,

What The Resistance to Trump Has Achieved in 100 Days

FEATURING JOHN CAVANAGH - The Republican Party has for the second time in a few months failed in its attempt to repeal and replace the

May Day Protests Could Be Biggest Since Women’s March

FEATURING KSHAMA SAWANT - Culminating more than a week of events from the March for Science to the People's Climate March will be May Day.

‘Caravan Against Fear’ Travels Along US-Mexico Border

FEATURING LAURA CARLSEN - A number of activists and immigrant rights advocates have been traveling to various cities near the US-Mexico border during the month

Assessing Trump’s First 100 Days – PART 2

FEATURING ARUN GUPTA - This Saturday marks Donald Trump's first 100 days in the White House, a period of time that new Presidents are judged

A Week After March for Science, Activists Gear Up For People’s Climate March

FEATURING PAUL GETSOS - Organizers for the People's Climate March this Saturday April 29th, are hoping to outdo the huge success of last week's Earth

Trump’s State Dept Promotes His Private Luxury Club in Florida

FEATURING PAUL S. RYAN - Donald Trump has spent 25 of his first 100 days as President at his elite, members-only country club in Florida,

Assessing Trump’s First 100 Days – PART 1

FEATURING ARUN GUPTA - This week marks Donald Trump's first 100 days in the White House, a period of time that new Presidents are judged

March for Science: Academics and Researchers Speak Out

More than 600 March for Science demonstrations and rallies took place this past Saturday on April 22nd, Earth Day. The central event took place in

March for Science: Women Scientists At the Intersections of Race, Gender, Politics

Among the approximately 50,000 people who gathered in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday April 22nd to March for Science, were a large number of women

March for Science: How Trump Presidency Threatens Our Children’s Future

The massive March for Science in Los Angeles on April 22nd drew 50,000 people according to organizers. Among them were many families with young children

Indigenous Activist Declares ‘Natives for Science’

Among the tens of thousands of people who came to downtown Los Angeles on Saturday April 22nd for the March for Science were people from

California Eyes Single Payer System as GOP Announces New Push for ACA Repeal

FEATURING MICHAEL LIGHTY - Republicans announced on Thursday that they may have a deal on healthcare reform and could pass a new bill to repeal

New Coalition Against Surveillance Says ‘Fly, Don’t Spy’

FEATURING NATHAN WHITE - The Department of Homeland Security under the leadership of Retired General John Kelly has indicated that it is considering a wide

Trump Keeps Visitor Logs Secret But Reports Show CEOs Dominate White House

FEATURING ROBERT WEISSMAN - The White House under Donald Trump has decided not to reveal its visitor logs. Knowing who the nation's most important public

Special Report: Tens of Thousands March to Demand Trump’s Tax Returns

FEATURING TAMI HAMADA WORONOFF - Organizers estimate that more than 125,000 people marched in 200 communities around the world on Saturday April 15th to demand,

Does Trump’s Economic Policy Make Any Sense?

FEATURING RICHARD WOLFF - After his meeting with the Chinese President Xi Jinping, Donald Trump has reversed a major economic campaign promise and decided against

Trump Escalates War and Rhetoric From Afghanistan to North Korea

FEATURING MEDEA BENJAMIN - The Trump Administration has dropped a 22,000 lb bomb on Afghanistan saying it was aimed at underground tunnels being used by

Education Activists Gear Up to Defeat Trump-DeVos Agenda

FEATURING DIANE RAVITCH - The march toward school privatization is expected to escalate under Donald Trump's new Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. DeVos is a believer

Why Won’t EPA Ban a Pesticide Proven To Be Toxic?

FEATURING SONYA LUNDER - In the wake of EPA head Scott Pruitt's decision not to ban a dangerous pesticide, environmental organizations have filed information requests

Trump Rattles Saber Against North Korea

FEATURING JOHN FEFFER - US war ships are edging closer to North Korea as Donald Trump communicates with China's leadership about the "menace of North

Hundreds Protest Immigrant Detention Center Near Seattle

FEATURING MARU MORA VILLALPANDO - Attorney General Jeff Sessions, speaking in Nogales, Arizona on Tuesday announced on new, tougher immigration enforcement measures. Sessions promised greater

Sean Spicer Betrays Ignorance of Jewish Holocaust

FEATURING GEORGE LAKOFF - US Press secretary Sean Spicer this week dug himself into a hole when he compared Syrian President Bashar Al Assad to

Did Media Hysterics on Russia Drive Trump’s Syria Strike?

FEATURING NORMAN SOLOMON - The Trump administration's air strikes on Syrian government targets last week have escalated tensions with Russia. The Putin regime is Syria's

Activists Plan Tax Day Marches, Demanding Trump’s Returns

FEATURING JOE DINKIN - Activists around the US have planned mass demonstrations this Saturday April 15th to demand Donald Trump's tax returns be released to

Republicans Prepare “Nuclear Option” To Force Gorsuch Confirmation

FEATURING ARI BERMAN - Senate Democrats and Republicans are in a major confrontation over the Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch. Precedent demands that nominees

Attorney General Sessions Moves To Undo Minor Progress on Police Brutality

FEATURING CHENJERAI KUMANYIKA - When police killings of African Americans in the US exploded into mainstream consciousness over the past few years and sparked the

How Deportation Has Ripped Social Fabric of Immigrant Communities

FEATURING ERIKA PINHEIRO - Even though immigration enforcement under President Obama was so severe that he earned the title Deporter-in-Chief, under Donald Trump there is

50 Years After MLK’s Antiwar Speech, Military Budget More Bloated Than Ever

FEATURING LINDSAY KOSHGARIAN - Exactly a year before he was brutally assassinated the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave one of the most important

This Year on Earth Day Thousands Will March for Science

FEATURING ALEXANDER ODYSSEUS BRADLEY - Every year Earth Day, which is April 22, is a marker for events and rallies around climate justice, sustainability, and

Trump and Staff’s Financial Holdings Create Unprecedented Ethics Concerns

FEATURING DEREK KRAVITZ - If you thought Donald Trump would take a bit of a break from his business of making money while President of

Republicans Strip Abortion Providers of Family Planning Funds

FEATURING CHRISTINE GRIMALDI - Using every single vote at their disposal Senate Republicans on Thursday passed a bill by a one-vote margin to strip reproductive

Techie Creates ‘Internet Noise’ After Congress Ends Digital Privacy Rights

FEATURING DAN SCHULTZ - After Congressional Republicans swiftly voted to end digital privacy rights for Internet users by overturning an Obama-era set of rules, many

Activists Push Democrats to Filibuster Gorsuch

FEATURING CARLI STEVENSON - The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to vote on Judge Neil Gorsuch's nomination to the Supreme Court on Monday, and then

Immigrant Workers in NY Stand Up To Firings and Deportation

FEATURING MANUEL LEMA AND DIANA MARINO - The Trump Administration has asserted that it is prioritizing the deportations of undocumented convicted felons. But the ramping

Trump Lays Waste to Obama’s Clean Energy Plan

FEATURING MARY ANNE HITT - Donald Trump attempted to fulfill a major campaign promise this week when he signed an executive order undoing President Obama's

GOP Strips Internet Privacy Protections In Swift Votes

FEATURING ERNESTO FALCON - Just days after the US Senate voted along strict party lines to undo the Obama-era guidelines on protecting Internet privacy, the

Two Stories Illustrating That Black Lives Still Don’t Matter Enough in the US

FEATURING MELINA ABDULLAH - A twenty-eight year old white man from Baltimore who police say traveled to New York with the intent of killing black

US Escalates Wars in Iraq, Syria, Yemen Amid Reports of Mass Casualties

FEATURING PHYLLIS BENNIS - The US has been accused of killing more than 200 civilians in Mosul, Iraq as a result of airstrikes against the

Could GOP Healthcare Debacle Open Door for Single Payer?

FEATURING DR. CAROL A. PARIS - Last week's House vote that never happened on the American Healthcare Act, was a gruesome symbol of the infighting

State Department Revives Keystone Pipeline

SARAH BURT - Within weeks of taking office, Donald Trump has revived the controversial tarsands pipeline project that President Obama canceled in response to massive

Allegations of Trump’s Russian Collaboration Continue to Build Up

FEATURING RAHUL MAHAJAN - Associated Press earlier this week released an explosive report, which found that, "Before signing up with Donald Trump, former campaign manager

Trump Pushes His Party to Repeal Obamacare – Will It Work?

FEATURING JIM MANGIA - Donald Trump is turning up the heat on his Republican colleagues to pass the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. In

What Do Confirmation Hearings Reveal About Neil Gorsuch?

GUEST COREY BRETTSCHNEIDER - The confirmation hearing for Neil Gorsuch to become Supreme Court Justice have been marked by discussions of serious issues from the

Trump’s Budget Eliminates Whole Agencies, Hurts His Own Base

FEATURING CHUCK COLLINS - Donald Trump has released his wish list for the US government budget - a preliminary vision for a stripped down set

Trump’s Second Muslim Ban Struck Down By Judge

FEATURING BAHER AZMY - Two judges have now struck down Donald Trump's second attempt at banning Muslims from a handful of countries to enter the

Trump’s Pick to Head FDA Is In Bed With Big Pharma

FEATURING MICHAEL CAROME - While much of the media focuses on Donald Trump's 12-year old tax returns that revealed mostly that he is wealthy and

Filipino Immigrants Are Caught Between Trump and Duterte

FEATURING ALYSSA AQUINO - Undocumented immigrants of all backgrounds are worried about living in Donald Trump's America. Today we'll focus on undocumented Filipino immigrants, who

How Trump Is Making America’s Water Dirty Again

FEATURING MARY GRANT - Within days of occupying the White House, Donald Trump ordered a review of the Clean Water Rule, a crucial set of

How Trump’s Budget Cuts Will Make Americans Homeless

FEATURING SARAH MICKELSON - Donald Trump's proposed budget cuts to the Department of Housing and Urban Development are deeply worrying public housing advocates. Draft copies

Women Workers Confront Department of Labor

FEATURING ELLEN BRAVO - On Wednesday March 8, International Women's Day, untold numbers of women around the country and the world went on strike to

Trump Era Brings Uncertainty To Marijuana Legalization

FEATURING JUSTIN STREKAL - Last November's general election saw not just the victory of several state wide ballot measures to legalize marijuana, but also the

How Does the GOP’s Version of Health Reform Differ From Obamacare?

FEATURING PAUL SONG - Republicans have finally unveiled their version of healthcare reform, after years of denouncing the Affordable Care Act and making its repeal

Chilling Arrests of Undocumented Immigrants Instill Fear in Communities

FEATURING JONATHAN PEREZ - The video taped arrest of Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez in Los Angeles has sent shock waves through Southern California's immigrant community. Avelica-Gonzalez had

Trump Unhinged: Angry Tweets And Another Muslim Ban

FEATURING MARCY WHEELER - Donald Trump over the weekend dropped yet another bombshell less than two months into his presidency, and he did so in

Private Prisons Overjoyed by Trump’s Reversal of Obama Decision

FEATURING JEREMY MOHLER - When the Obama administration last year announced that it would begin phasing out the use of private prisons for federal inmates,

AG Sessions Caught Lying About Russia Correspondence

FEATURING NORMAN SOLOMON - First the National Security Advisor and now the Attorney General. Just weeks after Michael Flynn stepped down from the Trump cabinet,

Dissecting Trump’s Congressional Address

FEATURING RICHARD ESKOW - Donald Trump gave his first address to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday night, sounding more scripted and grammatically correct

What Lessons Can We Learn About Germany’s Descent Into Fascism?

FEATURING SIR RICHARD J. EVANS - Americans have descended into a mass collective trauma over the past several months since the election. Many of us

Hundreds Gather in Pasadena To Demand Protection of Undocumented Communities

FEATURING SONALI KOLHATKAR - Activists in cities around the country are mobilizing to protect their undocumented neighbors and friends from raids by Immigration and Customs

Mother of a Transgender Child Speaks Out

FEATURING KAREN DOLAN - The Trump administration last week took steps to withdraw guidance that the Obama administration had given to schools for protections of

In Choosing Perez Over Ellison, Did Democrats Seal Their Fate as Opposition Party?

FEATURING DOUG HENWOOD - The Democratic National Committee's elections over this past weekend were hugely contentious with progressive activists pushing the party to move left

With Standing Rock Camp Burned Down, What’s Next?

FEATURING JOYE BRAUN - There were fires on Wednesday at the Oceti Sakowin camp at Standing Rock, North Dakota. They were lit not by law

Doctors Say Best Alternative to Obamacare is Single Payer

FEATURING DR. CAROL A. PARIS - On Tuesday this week House Speaker Paul Ryan tweeted a sentiment about the Affordable Care Act that appeals to

Does Trump Plan on Deporting 11 Million Undocumented Immigrants?

FEATURING MEETH SONI - Two memoranda issued by the Department of Homeland Security builds on an executive order signed by Donald Trump in January over

Debate Erupts in UK Over Trump State Visit

FEATURING AISHA DODWELL - You may not have heard about it but Americans are not the only ones protesting Donald Trump and his xenophobic policies.

Trump’s Presidency Has Unleashed More Hate

FEATURING MARK POTOK - A day after a number of Jewish Community Centers closed down after receiving phone threats and a Jewish cemetery in Missouri

Pruitt Confirmation to Head EPA Spells Disaster for Climate

FEATURING ABIGAIL DILLEN - The Senate confirmation of Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been denounced by most major organizations working

Thousands Gather for Immigrant Rights in LA

SPECIAL REPORT BY TAMI HAMADA WORONOFF - On Saturday, just two days after a nationwide "Day Without Immigrants" strike, thousands of people gathered on a

With Trump in White House, GOP Chips Away At Reproductive Rights

FEATURING CHRISTINE GRIMALDI - The GOP-dominated House of Representatives on Thursday moved a step closer to defund Planned Parenthood of some of its funding. The

Hegemony How-To: A Roadmap for Radicals

FEATURING JONATHAN SMUCKER - In our on-going coverage of how political organizing can take on the Trump agenda, we turn next to a long time

Understanding the Flynn Resignation Scandal

FEATURING LARRY JOHNSON - The resignation of Donald Trump's National Security Advisor and retired United States Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn represents the largest scandal

Why Fast Food CEO Puzder Withdrew From Labor Nomination

FEATURING RONTEL BATIE - Yet another aspect of the political turmoil of this week is the fact that fast food CEO Andrew Puzder has withdrawn

Lawmakers Fear Democracy in Action at Town Halls

FEATURING SARAH CHAISSON WARNER - Since the inauguration of Donald Trump as President, activism against his agenda has taken many forms, from mass marches, to

New Film, ‘The Spirit of Standing Rock’ Captures #NODAPL Movement

FEATURING PAULETTE MOORE - The Standing Rock Sioux tribe's stand in North Dakota against the fossil fuel industry has set a new standard for activism.

The Complex Web of Trump’s Ethics Entanglements

FEATURING PAUL SEAMUS RYAN - It shouldn't surprise us that Donald Trump's top counselor Kellyanne Conway, sitting with the White House logo behind her, decided

Will Trump’s Muslim Ban Die In the Courts?

FEATURING COREY BRETTSCHNEIDER - The ACLU has filed a Freedom of Information Act request to the Customs and Border Patrol to determine if the agency's

First Deportations and Raids Under Trump Begin

FEATURING CHRISTINE NEUMANN ORTIZ - A mother of two in Phoenix, Arizona has become one of the first undocumented immigrants to be deported under Donald

Trump Botches Yemen Raids, Plans to Expand Gitmo

FEATURING JENNIFER GIBSON - Fifteen years after the US opened it notorious gulag in Guantanamo, Cuba under President George W. Bush, Donald Trump's administration has

Syrians Face War in the US, War at Home

FEATURING VIJAY PRASHAD - The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday ruled against Donald Trump's Executive Order banning Muslims from 7 nations from entering

Israel Legalizes Settlements In Violation Of International Law

FEATURING NAOMI DANN - Israel has draw international condemnation and even a rebuke from the UN Middle East Special Envoy over a law passed by

Trump In Bed With Energy Lobbyists and Climate Denialists

FEATURING STEVE HORN - Donald Trump is set to name a lobbyist who has represented major fossil fuel companies as the energy advisor to the

Under Trump FCC May Eviscerate Net Neutrality

FEATURING TIMOTHY KARR - While we've been trying to keep up with the dizzying array of threats to public safety, security, and sanity under Donald

Movement To Defund DAPL Sees Success

FEATURING MATT REMLE (HUNKPAPA LAKOTA) - The Army Corps of Engineers has given its approval for the highly controversial Dakota Access Pipeline, only months after

Artist Depicts Surreal Visualization of Trump’s Presidency

FEATURING MARK BRYAN - It is fitting that spoofs of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live are as newsworthy as the real figure. The last

Veep Forced to Cast Deciding Vote to Confirm DeVos Nomination

FEATURING KEVIN KUMASHIRO - Despite Senate Democrats valiantly holding the floor of the Senate on Monday night to stop the confirmation of billionaire Betsy DeVos

California Vs. Trump: Who Will Win?

FEATURING BRIAN LEUBITZ - Donald Trump hates California. Not only did the nation's most populous state hand over millions more votes to his rival Hillary

Federal Judge Slams Brakes on Trump’s Muslim Ban

FEATURING CAITLIN SANDERSON - A US District court judge over the weekend issued the strongest stay on Donald Trump's Muslim ban that had turned away

Trump’s Policies Clumsily Enacted and Hugely Unpopular

FEATURING LARRY BENSKY - The New York Times on Monday published a lengthy article euphemistically entitled Trump and Staff Rethink Their Tactics After Early Stumbles.

Super Bowl Ads and Halftime Show Focus on Diversity and Immigration

FEATURING STEPHANIE ABRAHAM - It was a telling moment in the US when the Superbowl's highly-anticipated advertisements were considered political simply for focusing on immigration,

Trump’s Appointees Pose Direct Threat to Planet’s Future

FEATURING LINDSAY MEIMAN - A Senate committee approved the nomination of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday. Overriding

Lawsuit: Trump’s Climate Policies Threaten Children’s Future

FEATURING PHILIP GREGORY - Nearly two dozen young Americans are suing the US government for jeopardizing their future by not doing enough to curb climate

Racist, Sexist, Attention Seeker, Milo Yiannopoulos Faces Mass Protest

FEATURING MELEIZA FIGUEROA - Thousands of students at University of California Berkeley recently protested the scheduled appearance on their campus of notorious Trump supporter and

Trump’s Refugee Ban Hurts World’s Most Vulnerable

FEATURING NOAH GOTTSCHALK - Donald Trump, in his conversation with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, apparently got into an argument over an Obama-era deal for

Standing Rock Struggle One of Many Faced by Native Americans

FEATURING STEPHANIE WOODARD - The movement against the Dakota Access Pipeline led by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe has captured the imagination of activists nationwide.

Trump Picks Ultra Conservative Supreme Court Nominee

FEATURING DAVID DAYEN - Judge Neil Gorsuch is Donald Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, to replace the seat vacated by Justice Antonin Scalia last

Civil Rights Activists Sue Trump Over Muslim Ban

FEATURING HUSSAM AYLOUSH - The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), which is the nation's largest Muslim civil rights organization, has wasted no time in

Iranian Student Caught In Trump’s Muslim Ban Has Been Waiting 8 Months

FEATURING AFSHIN AHMADI - When Donald Trump's executive order banning nationals from 7 Muslim majority countries was suddenly enacted, those who happened to be traveling

Trump’s Exec Order On Regulations Threatens Public Protections

FEATURING ROBERT WEISSMAN - Donald Trump's executive orders are fomenting mass panic and chaos at all levels of American society. One of his orders that

What Does Bannon’s Role in National Security Mean?

FEATURING RAHUL MAHAJAN - Intelligence agency staffers and elected officials alike are expressing shock over the promotion of White House chief strategist and one-time head

Trump’s Muslim Ban Sparks Mass Resistance

FEATURING DEEPA IYER - While Donald Trump wasted no time in enacting and enforcing his ban on Muslims from certain countries, the mass grassroots opposition

Is Trump’s Voter Fraud Fantasy A Cover for Suppression?

FEATURING JENNIFER CLARK - Republicans have long contended that there is widespread voter fraud in US elections so they can justify suppressing the votes of

Time to Propose an Alternative to Neoliberal Capitalism

FEATURING LES LEOPOLD - Donald Trump has sparked a strong resistance to his racist policies such as the Muslim ban, the crackdown on sanctuary cities,

Trump’s Labor Secretary Andy Puzder Has Anti-Labor Record

FEATURING RONTEL BATIE - Donald Trump seemingly can't nominate anyone in his cabinet who is actually qualified for the job. His choice of Labor Secretary

In Targeting Truth and Facts, Trump Earns Scientists’ Ire

FEATURING GRETCHEN GOLDMAN - With a climate denier in the White House and a de facto gag order on federal agencies in place, scientists around

How Trump Uses Language to Manipulate the Nation

FEATURING GEORGE LAKOFF - A majority of Americans are experiencing shock, anger, and disgust at the way in which our new President's first week in

Mexico Rejects Trump’s $40 billion Wall

FEATURING LAURA CARLSEN - Donald Trump on Wednesday signed yet more executive orders, trying to fulfill, at least in name, some of the biggest campaign

Sanctuary Cities Vow To Stand Firm In Face of Trump’s Angry Targeting

FEATURING JESSICA KARP-BANSAL - In addition to promising a border wall (despite a 40-year lull in northward migration), Donald Trump has now put in writing

Newly Formed Organization Offers A Focus For Anti-Trump Momentum

FEATURING BETHANY AMBORN - The Women's March on Washington D.C. and its myriad sister marches around the nation drew millions of Americans out on to

Trump Revives Climate-Destroying Oil Pipelines

FEATURING KANDI MOSSETT - With the stroke of a pen, President Trump this week reversed hard won victories against two major oil pipeline projects, the

Islamophobes Try To Discredit Women’s March Organizer

FEATURING ZAHRA BILLOO - The massive showing at Women's Marches around the country and particularly in Washington DC the day after the Presidential inauguration has

Progressive Democrats Approve of Unqualified Ben Carson to Lead HUD

FEATURING LARRY GROSS - The Senate Committee on Banking this week unanimously approved neurosurgeon and former Presidential candidate Ben Carson to head the Department of

What Is At Stake For Public Education Under Trump?

FEATURING KEVIN KUMASHIRO - Democratic Senators have requested a second confirmation hearing for Donald Trump's nominee for Secretary of Education. The Michigan billionaire Betsy DeVos

Brave New Films Showcases DeVos’ Devastation in Michigan’s Public Schools

FEATURING BRAVE NEW FILMS - Brave New Films has just released a new short film about Betsy DeVos, in particular, covering the negative impact she

What It Was Like to Be in the Nation’s Capital This Weekend

FEATURING CHENJERAI KUMANYIKA - The world's focus was on Washington DC over the past weekend, with the inauguration of the unlikeliest of figures to the

Reflections on Trump’s Inauguration and Women’s March

FEATURING ROSA CLEMENTE - Millions of people marched around the country and also the world on January 21st. Among them were my guest Rosa Clemente,

Now That Trump Is President, Time to Impeach Him?

FEATURING DAVID SWANSON - At the moment that Donald Trump was inaugurated on Friday January 20th, efforts were already underway to impeach him. Coming into

Three Quarters of a Million People Showed Up For Women’s March in Los Angeles

SPECIAL REPORT BY SONALI KOLHATKAR - On Saturday January 21st, people in hundreds of cities around the country and the world marched against the presidency

On Inauguration Day, Women of Color Took To DC Streets

FEATURING ANGELA ADRAR - Just as Donald Trump was being sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, massive mobilizations were unfolding on

Democrat Attacks on Trump Could Backfire Badly

FEATURING NORMAN SOLOMON - Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday represents a major turning point in US history, one that has galvanized not only millions of

How Trump Screwed Over Carrier Workers in Indiana

FEATURING ARUN GUPTA - Among those that were heading to Washington DC for Donald Trump's inauguration are two workers from Indianapolis, Nancy McCubbin and Julie

Trump and GOP Create National Crisis Over Affordable Care Act

FEATURING PAUL SONG - Republicans are facing public outrage over their on-going efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, President Obama's signature healthcare reform act

Trump Presidency Spurs Introspection Over Role of Media

FEATURING ROBERT MCCHESNEY - The fight between the US news media and Donald Trump that was on full display at the recent President elect's press

Why Hundreds of Thousands of Women Will March in DC

FEATURING KSHAMA SAWANT - Nearly a quarter of a million people are expected to attend the Women's March on Washington DC this Saturday January 21st,

Will Trump’s Foreign Policy on Syria Be Pro-Russia?

FEATURING REESE ERLICH - With just days to go before President elect Donald Trump is inaugurated, Russia's government has invited Trump's team to an upcoming

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