Election 2016

Election Integrity Post-Mortem: Voting Rights and Vote Recounts

FEATURING GREG PALAST - Days after Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein raised millions of dollars to test voting integrity in three battleground states, lawsuits

Billionaire Trump Embraces Wall Street Elite

FEATURING BART NAYLOR - President elect Donald Trump and his Vice President, Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana, made an appearance on Thursday at a Carrier

Why Is There A Need To Recount Votes in the 2016 Election?

FEATURING DAVID MOORE - An effort by Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein to force vote recounts in key battleground states has netted nearly $7

Grappling With Nazism and White Nationalism

FEATURING ROBERT JENSEN - A gathering of white nationalists in Washington DC garnered major news coverage as Nazi salutes and calls of "Hail Trump," rang

Trump Win Emboldens Anti-Abortion Crowd

FEATURING IMANI GANDY - Among the terrifying things that Donald Trump's electoral college victory has unleashed is any sense of propriety that the anti-abortion politicians

Are Muslims The New Jews In Trump’s America

FEATURING IMAM FEISAL ABDUL RAUF - A white nationalist group held a meeting in Washington DC this week to celebrate Donald Trump's electoral college win

What Does Trump Intend for Mass Surveillance & Privacy?

FEATURING SHAHID BUTTAR - Donald Trump has tapped Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions for his Attorney General, one of the most important cabinet positions. Sessions, whose

Is Fake News To Blame For Trump’s Win?

FEATURING MARA EINSTEIN - In the on-going quest to make sense of Donald Trump's electoral college win, many have fixated on the prevalence of so-called

Obama’s War in Mosul and Trump’s Foreign Policy

FEATURING RAHUL MAHAJAN - The US-backed Iraqi offensive on the ISIS stronghold of Mosul has resulted in thousands of Iraqis streaming out of the battle-stricken

Multiculturalism and Diversity Blamed for Clinton Election Loss

FEATURING ADAM JOHNSON - Why did Donald Trump win the election on November 8th? Attempts to answer that question have consumed so many political pundits

South Asian Seattle City Council Member Attacked By Trump Supporters

FEATURING KSHAMA SAWANT - Reports of hate crimes and abuses by supporters of President elect Donald Trump against people of color in the US have

What Will Trump’s Education Policy Look Like?

FEATURING KEVIN KUMASHIRO - President elect Donald Trump will be meeting with former DC Public Schools chancellor Michelle Rhee as he considers her for Education

Billionaire Trump Courts Big Banksters For Economic Policy

FEATURING DOUG HENWOOD - President elect Donald Trump had promised to "drain the swamp" in Washington DC. The man, who probably never expected to actually

How To Dump Trump? Build Walls Of Legal Protection Around Our Cities

FEATURING CHIP GIBBONS - Many Americans have been so bewildered by the electoral college win of Donald Trump that we find ourselves moving between anger

What African Americans Face Under President Trump

FEATURING ROSA CLEMENTE - A video of a white man screaming insults at a female employee of Starbucks in Miami has gone viral. The man

The Political Revolution Must Go On

FEATURING SENATOR BERNIE SANDERS - Among the many conflicting thoughts of shock that went through my head on election night as I watched the victory

Trump Election Happened During Intl’ Meeting On Climate

FEATURING LERATO LETEBELE - All eyes were on the United States on 11/9, when Donald Trump won enough electoral college votes to cinch the Presidency.

Alt-Right Extremist Steve Bannon To Join Trump Cabinet

FEATURING CHIP BERLET - Civil rights groups around the US have strongly denounced the decision by President elect Donald Trump to bring Alt-right commentator and

Protecting The Undocumented Under a Trump Presidency

FEATURING ROBERTO FLORES - Reports have emerged since the electoral college win of Donald Trump about Latino students being harassed by Trump supporters with chants

Tens of Thousands March Against Trump in LA – Special Report

FEATURING SONALI KOLHATKAR - Tens of thousands of people marched in Los Angeles from MacArthur Park to a federal building in downtown LA on Saturday

Political Comedian, Writer, and Actor D’Lo Speaks Out

FEATURING D'LO - November 14 through 20 is transgender awareness week. Coming just the week after Americans elected a man who has made a political

Post Election Fears of Hate Crimes Start To Come True

FEATURING THENMOZHI SOUNDARARAJAN - In 2001 there was 9/11, a political earthquake that left the nation shaken. Fifteen years later there was 11/9, the day

We Need Electoral Reform Now More Than Ever

FEATURING MICHELLE WHITTAKER - Voter turnout in the 2016 general election dipped to a 20-year low reported CNN. Still, more people actually voted for Hillary

Why Are Liberals Blaming The Green Party For Trump?

FEATURING AJAMU BARAKA - The Green Party's showing in this year's election was strong but not significant enough to reach the desired 5%. It was

The ‘Latino Vote’ Is More Complicated Than You Think

FEATURING ANTONIO GONZALEZ - Now that the dust has settled from the shock of election night, many people are attempting to understand what happened. Exit

Trump’s Presidency Equals Climate Disaster

FEATURING PATTY LOVERA - President Elect Donald Trump has released his plan for the first 100 days of his Presidency and, as expected, it is

Election: How Did This Happen?

FEATURING JANINE WEDEL - Democrats and progressives woke up on the morning after the general election shocked and dismayed at seeing Donald Trump be elected

Election: What Can We Expect Politically?

FEATURING LARRY BENSKY - Media analysts and pundits have been stunned by Donald Trump's victory in defiance of most major polls. As we continue our

Election: What Can We Expect Socially?

FEATURING COURTNEY MORRIS - As I scrolled through my social media feeds on election night a common theme emerged from my friends shocked reflections: how

Election Special: Trump Candidacy Draws Record Latino Turnout

FEATURING CHRISTINE NEUMANN ORTIZ - Democrats have lost several key Senate seats with Marco Rubio beating his rival Patrick Murphy in Florida, Todd Young beating

Election Special: How Do We Appear To The World?

FEATURING SAMEER DOSSANI - While our general election has consumed our attention for more than a year, it's not just us non-rightwing Americans who are

Election Special: Is It a Historic Night For Women?

FEATURING MELINA ABDULLAH - As we close out our coverage of the night, we examine the repercussions of the general election. On the one hand

How The Left Can Organize After The Election

FEATURING BILL FLETCHER - A video of a white man confronting a black man at a traffic stop in Memphis, Tennessee recently has gone viral.

Unprecedented Money in This Election, Majority for Clinton

FEATURING VIVECA NOVAK - An underreported story in this most controversial of elections has been how much money has been spent by candidates and organizations.

Michael Franti Finds Hope During A Depressing Election

FEATURING MICHAEL FRANTI - "After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music," said Aldous Huxley once. Few are able to put

Congressional Redistricting In This Election And Beyond

FEATURING DAVID DALEY - With just hours to go before election results begin rolling in, party control of the House and Senate is a big

Accusations of Sexual Assault Against Trump Loom Large

FEATURING LISA BLOOM - As people gear up to vote in the most controversial and nail-biting election we've had in a long time, the women

Tight Senate and House Races Could Change Congressional Balance

FEATURING DAVID DAYEN - With the presidential race sucking up all the energy and attention this election, there's little discussion of the House and Senate

How Serious Will Voting Irregularities Be This Election?

FEATURING JENNIFER CLARK - The Republican Party has taken it upon itself to make sure ballots are being properly cast this election. The Donald Trump

Sonali’s Rundown of the 17 California Ballot Measures

FEATURING SONALI KOLHATKAR - Californians this year face a whopping 17 statewide measures on their November 8th ballot. The number and complexity can be overwhelming

Maine Voters Mull Question 5 On ‘Ranked Choice Voting’

FEATURING KYLE BAILEY - It has always been difficult to motivate Americans to participate in elections. Voter turnout, even in general election races, tends to

The Many Dimensions of James Comey and the Latest Clinton Email Scandal

FEATURING MARCY WHEELER - If you're confused about the latest Clinton email scandal, it's because it is the third one since the Democrat's campaign started

Grassroots Activist Runs for Local Office In Down-ticket Race

FEATURING ANA URZÚA ALCARAZ - Just about a week left before the November 8th election, all eyes are on who will occupy the White House.

Strangers In Their Own Land: Anger And Mourning On The American Right

FEATURING ARLIE RUSSELL HOCHSCHILD - The upcoming US Presidential election has revealed a deep split within the electorate that has confounded many of us. Why

What the Wikileaks Release on Podesta Emails Can Teach Us

FEATURING KEVIN GOSZTOLA - Hillary Clinton can't escape her email scandals. First was the mistake she admitted to in using a private email server while

Why Is Big Pharma Petrified of California’s Prop 61?

FEATURING PAUL SONG - In addition to the high-profile presidential race on the November 8th ballot, Californians will be asked to decide on a large

Greg Palast’s New Film Says Election Could in Fact be Rigged

FEATURING GREG PALAST - As GOP nominee Donald Trump sees his poll numbers slide, he maintains that if he loses, it's not because the American

Rape and Sexual Assault Accusations In Election Deserve Serious Discussion

FEATURING JANE PIPER - Less than a day after the third and final presidential debate, GOP nominee Donald Trump faced new accusations from a woman

Trump Hotel Workers Protest With Taco Trucks and A Symbolic Wall Ahead of Debate

It was just about a year ago that Democratic candidates for the Presidential nomination, including Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders gathered in this Las Vegas,

Greens March On Final Debate Demanding That Stein Participate

As we continue our special coverage from Las Vegas of the third and final debate between the two major party Presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and

Students Respond to the Final Debate

As we continue our special coverage from Las Vegas of the third and final debate between the two major party Presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and

How Trump’s Candidacy Is Motivating Muslim Voters

FEATURING HUSSAM AYLOUSH - A new election survey by the Council on American-Islamic Relations has found, unsurprisingly, that nearly three quarters of American Muslim voters

CNN Is Paying Trump Apologists to Defend Him

FEATURING ERIC BOEHLERT - Many months after Donald Trump fired his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, the controversial figure was seen exiting Mr. Trump's plane this

Echoes of Red Baiting In Democrats’ Conspiracies of Russian Meddling

FEATURING KEVIN GOSZTOLA - As Wikileaks released private emails from the Democratic National Committee, shedding light on the inner workings of the path to Hillary

New Trump Book Calls Him Out As Narcissist, Liar, Sexist, and More

FEATURING JOHN K. WILSON - The second face-off between the two major party candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on Sunday night has pushed the

A Banner Year for Marijuana Legalization Efforts?

FEATURING DANIELLE KEANE - In late September in Massachusetts, a team of state police, National Guard troops, and a helicopter raided a house to

How To Communicate with A Donald Trump Supporter

FEATURING SHARON ELLISON - The Donald Trump phenomenon is an undeniable part of the American political landscape today, no matter how badly liberals and progressives

Republicans On Offensive To Influence Judicial Decisions

FEATURING NICK SURGEY - Lest you think the Republican Party has gone into hiding, embarrassed about their Presidential nominee, think again. As is the norm

An Election Full of Contradictions

FEATURING ROBERT JENSEN - With less than 6 weeks left to go until this year's Presidential election, so many questions remain. The two major party

Green Party’s VP Candidate Reacts to First Presidential Debate

FEATURING AJAMU BARAKA - Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off on Monday night at Hofstra University in New York for the first

Whether Or Not Trump Wins Presidency, The US Is In Deep Trouble

FEATURING ARUN GUPTA - An interesting email came through my personal website recently from a person identifying themselves as Dominic Perez, with the email address

Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric Is Consistent With US History

FEATURING AVIVA CHOMSKY - The issue of immigration constantly confounds the US particularly during elections. Perhaps it is because of our tortured origins as a

Greens Demand Representation in Presidential Debates

FEATURING LAURA WELLS - Just days away from the first Presidential debate of this election, third parties are demanding their candidates be included, especially given

Will Bernie Sanders’ “Our Revolution” Stay True to Campaign Ideals?

FEATURING NORMAN SOLOMON - When Senator Bernie Sanders officially ended his Presidential campaign, the only thing he had to offer his millions of disappointed supporters

Obama’s Trade Legacy: Are the TPP and TTIP Dead?

FEATURING PRESTON PICUS - President Obama, in his last few months in office, is frantically trying to cement his legacy and one of the most

Activists Draw Attention to Clinton’s Palestinian Problem

FEATURING AMANI AL HINDI BARAKAT - Israel launched at least 50 air strikes on the Gaza strip earlier this week, in a 24-hour span. Authorities

Clinton Foundation Draws Justifiable Scrutiny

FEATURING KEN SILVESTEIN - Donald Trump has called for the shutdown of the Clinton Foundation, calling it "the most corrupt enterprise in political history." Trump's

North Carolina Defies Court Ruling On Suppression of Black Vote

FEATURING ARI BERMAN - Just weeks after a US Court of Appeals struck down North Carolina's onerous voting law which disproportionately impacted African Americans, the

From Ashes of Bernie Campaign Rises ‘Brand New Congress’

FEATURING ALEXANDRA ROJAS - When it became clear earlier this year that the wildly popular presidential candidate Bernie Sanders would be wrapping up his campaign,

Green Party Convention 2016 Presented United Progressive Front During Contentious Election Year

FEATURING KIT O'CONNELL - The Green Party held its convention in Houston, Texas over the weekend and officially nominated Dr. Jill Stein and her

Hiroshima Anniversary and Trump/Clinton’s Nuclear Rhetoric

FEATURING DR. ZIA MIAN - It has been 71 years since the United States dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,

No, Nader Did Not Hand Bush the 2000 Election

FEATURING KEVIN ZEESE - Now that Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Party nominee for President, and a majority of Bernie Sanders supporters have thrown their

How Donald Trump Views Sexual Harassment

FEATURING LISA BLOOM - Donald Trump and his son Eric seem to have a problem understanding what sexual harassment is. In interviews this week, both

Ajamu Baraka Joins Jill Stein’s Green Party Ticket

FEATURING AJAMU BARAKA - The historic US election is a face-off between two highly unpopular major party candidates, which the New York Times has estimated,

Trump Tussles With Muslim Parents of Fallen Soldier

FEATURING ROBERT S. McCAW - The 2016 Presidential elections race continues to devolve with the latest chapter focused on a tussle between Donald Trump and

Court Strikes Down North Carolina Voter ID Law

FEATURING ALLISON RIGGS - A Federal Appeals court last week struck down one of the most onerous voting laws in the nation, which disproportionately

On Final Day of DNC, Sonali Speaks With Young Voters of Color

FEATURING YOUNG VOTERS OF COLOR - On the fourth and final day of the DNC, Rising Up host Sonali Kolhatkar scoured the arena of the

The Dynamics Between Party and Movement

FEATURING NORMAN SOLOMON - Rising Up host Sonali Kolhatkar spoke with Bernie Sanders delegate and co-founder of RootsAction.org, Norman Solomon about the complex dynamics between

Activist Shines Light on Clinton’s Dirty Foreign Policy in Honduras

FEATURING SHA GROGAN BROWN - He traveled in a caravan from the RNC in Cleveland to the DNC in Philly along with Laura Caceres, the

A Working Class Fisherman Travels To Philly, Rooting For Bernie

FEATURING JOHN AINSWORTH - Rising Up Sonali Kolhatkar spoke with a working class fisherman named John Ainsworth in front of the Philadelphia City Hall. Like

Former Philly Police Captain Ray Lewis Speaks Out on Poverty in His City, Activism, Sanders, Police Brutality, and More

FEATURING RAY LEWIS - Among the thousands of activists that have gathered in Philadelphia to protest at the Democratic National convention, is an unlikely figure

Progressives Who Use An “Inside-Outside” Strategy of Change Tout Bernie’s Success

FEATURING DONNA SMITH - For years the organization Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) urged Senator Bernie Sanders to run for President. When he finally did,

How the Democratic Party Befriended a Mega Corporation Like Uber For Its Convention

FEATURING REBECCA HAMMELL - Up until 2 weeks before the DNC, the ride-sharing company Uber, was banned in Philadelphia. Now, the company has been allowed

Mainstream Media Continues to Fail The Public in DNC Reporting

FEATURING JEFF COHEN - Mainstream media coverage of the Democratic National Convention has focused on the dissension within the Party but with little explanation of

Jill Stein Crashes The Democratic Party!

FEATURING DR. JILL STEIN - Rising Up host, Sonali Kolhatkar, with the help of Free Speech TV, helped Green Party Presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein

Was It a Mistake for the Left to Get Involved With the Bernie Sanders Campaign?

FEATURING ARUN GUPTA - Rising Up host Sonali Kolhatkar is at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia all week. While there, on day 2,

How the Sanders’ Campaign Has Inspired Millennials into Entering Politics

FEATURING TRAVIS TRAEBER - On Day 2 of the DNC, Rising Up host Sonali Kolhatkar attended the California delegates meeting where people voted for their

Delegates Have a Tough Job at DNC, as Thousands Protest Outside

FEATURING DARRELL CARRINGTON - Darrell Carrington, a Bernie Sanders delegate, spoke with Rising Up host Sonali Kolhatkar at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on

Thousands March in Front of City Hall in Philly on Day 1 of DNC

FEATURING PROTESTERS - On Monday July 25, 2016, Rising Up host Sonali Kolhatkar reported from the March for our Lives, organized by the Poor People's

Bernie Sanders Delegates React to Wikileaks’ DNC Emails and Tim Kaine VP Pick

FEATURING KAREN BERNAL AND MANUEL ZAPATA - On day 1 of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, hours before the official start of

‘Make Fruit Punch Great Again’ – Artists Make Most of Donald Trump’s Idiocy

FEATURING DAVID GLEESON AND MARY MIHELIC - The Presidential candidacy of Donald Trump has inspired mass fear among most sensible Americans who value racial and

Progressive Princeton Professor Says He Won’t Vote for Clinton

FEATURING EDDIE S. GLAUDE JR. - When Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders announced he would endorse Hillary Clinton for President on Tuesday, his action sparked

Democratic Party Platform Includes Closure of US Military Training School

FEATURING HENDRIK VOSS - After Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders openly endorsed Hillary Clinton for the party nominee, many contended that the Democratic Party platform

Heading Into Republican Convention, GOP Remains in Disarray

FEATURING DAVID DAYEN - Just days away from the Republican National Convention's opening day in Cleveland, Ohio, the GOP remains fractured, unsure of how to

No Clear Resolution Over California’s Primary Elections

FEATURING WILLIAM SIMPICH - When millions of Californians went to the polls to vote on June 5th of this year, they made a basic assumption

What Has Sanders Achieved Now That He Is Expected to Endorse Clinton?

FEATURING PAUL SONG - Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is expected to announce his endorsement of Hillary Clinton at a campaign event in New Hampshire

Clinton Gets Off Scot Free On Email Scandal

FEATURING MARCY WHEELER - FBI Director James Comey announced this week that his agency would not be bringing charges against presidential candidate Hillary Clinton over

Will Clinton’s College Debt Relief Plan Help Rich Get Richer?

FEATURING ISAIAH POOLE - Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton unveiled a major plan on Tuesday focused on "technology and innovation," the two buzzwords favored most

How the Democratic Party Betrayed Progressive Values In Its Platform Yet Again

FEATURING KEVIN GOSZTOLA - The committee tasked with drafting the Democratic Party's platform had its final meeting over the weekend and what has emerged is

LGBTQ Activists Confront Trump As He Meets With Evangelical Leaders

FEATURING ANGELA PEOPLES - Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, said on Tuesday that he believes Donald Trump as President would be beneficial

The True Story Behind the Secret Plan to Steal America’s Democracy

FEATURING DAVID DALEY - The word "redistricting" is an obscure-sounding political term to describe the redrawing of district maps that determine how candidates for political

Should Sanders Blaze a Trail All the Way to the DNC in Philly?

FEATURING JEFF COHEN - President Obama and Senator Elizabeth Warren have both formally endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. The moves appear to seal the end

Progressives Hope to Influence DNC From Within. Will It Work?

FEATURING ARUN GUPTA - As we continue our election coverage at this pivotal time in American history, the all-important question arises: can progressives really influence

Clinton Claims She Is ‘Breaking The Glass Ceiling’

FEATURING LIZA FEATHERSTONE - With results from the California primary showing a win for Hillary Clinton, the former State Secretary and First Lady has begun

Time to Evaluate the Health of American Democracy

FEATURING PETER BLOOM - We are at a pivotal moment in American politics. For journalists like myself, there hasn't been an election this unpredictable or

Why is Bernie Sanders Courting Native American Voters?

FEATURING SHANNON SPEED - When election analysts explore voter demographics, it is usually in terms of "the black vote," "the Latino vote," "white swing voters,"

What Clinton’s Foreign Policy Speech Says About Her, Not Trump

FEATURING PHYLLIS BENNIS - Democratic Party Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gave a lengthy foreign policy speech in San Diego, California, on Thursday evening, just days

Green Party’s Jill Stein Prepares for California Primary

FEATURING JILL STEIN - As the California primary election on June 7th, looms large as a make-or-break moment for the two remaining Democratic Party Presidential

New Coalition Forms to “Take On Wall Street”

FEATURING JOE DINKIN - A major coalition of progressive organizations has just formed under the clearly named banner of "Take On Wall Street." A number

Why The Clinton Email Scandal Is Not Just a Right Wing Creation

FEATURING RAY MCGOVERN - A new report by the State Department's Office of the Inspector General, has found that Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had not

Protesters in East Los Angeles Confront Clinton Again – This Time Over Immigration

FEATURING NANCY ZUNIGA - Democratic candidates for President, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, are crisscrossing the prized state of California in the lead up to

The Reunited States of America

FEATURING MARK GERZON - If there's one thing most Americans would agree on about politics it is that many of us disagree. Our political system

Nevada’s Democratic Party Convention Is Symptomatic of Sanders/Clinton Battle

FEATURING KAREN BERNAL - You may have heard of the Nevada convention scandal last weekend where Bernie Sanders' supporters were accused of being violent. The

Battle Over Single Payer Remains Strong

FEATURING PAUL SONG - Years after President Obama's signature healthcare law, the Affordable Care Act, began being implemented, Republicans keep fighting to end it. Recently

Sanders Wins West Virginia And Fares Far Better Against Trump in Polls

FEATURING BILL FLETCHER - Bernie Sanders just won West Virginia's primary on Tuesday, pulling in a whopping 51.4% of the vote compared to Hillary Clinton's

GOP Clears Field For Trump Nomination, Dems Continue to Fight

FEATURING DAVID DAYEN - With Ted Cruz and John Kasich having dropped out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination, the field has been

The Fight to Vote

FEATURING MICHAEL WALDMAN - This year, for the first time in 50 years, the US will hold a Presidential election without a fully functioning Voting

How Should Bernie Sanders Proceed?

FEATURING SARAH VAN GELDER - Supporters of Bernie Sanders have long resisted early pronouncements of the death of his campaign. But after the last round

Is It Legitimate To Ask If Donald Trump Suffers From Mental Health Problems?

FEATURING SOPHIA MCCLENNEN - GOP frontrunner Donald Trump continued his winning streak in this week's primary races. The Republican Party establishment also continued to worry

Sanders Campaign Has Echoes of Upton Sinclair’s 1934 Gubernatorial Bid

FEATURING LANCE SELFA - Tuesday night's Presidential primary races in 5 states dealt a blow to the upstart campaign of Bernie Sanders for the Democratic

With Independent Voters Unable To Cast Ballots, Sanders Loses New York

FEATURING ARUN GUPTA - Despite massive campaigning in the state of New York, leading up to Tuesday's primary, Brooklyn native Bernie Sanders lost to his

Democracy Awakening: Mass Activist Coalition Descends on DC

FEATURING MARGRETE STRAND - Thousands of people arrived in Washington DC from Philadelphia this week - they have descended onto the state's capital under the

Clinton Lectures Black Couple About Crime Bill, Issues Non-Apology

FEATURING JODY ARMOUR - Former president Bill Clinton is under fire for off-the-cuff remarks he made at a campaign event for his wife in New

New Report Shows Disturbing Spike in Violence Aimed at Abortion Clinics

FEATURING JAMES OWENS - A new report by NARAL Pro Choice America has found a disturbing spike in verbal and physical violence aimed at abortion

Hillary Clinton Denies Fossil Fuel Money

FEATURING EVA RESNICK-DAY - With primary elections continuing in many states, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has one more thing to worry about - a

Why Are Pro-Gun Candidates Afraid of Open-Carry At the RNC?

FEATURING ROBERT KOEHLER - This July, as the Republican National Convention opens in Cleveland, Ohio, a clash of values may be in effect - between

Sanders Sweeps Three States, Gaining Momentum As He Heads West

FEATURING MARY BOTTARI - Bernie Sanders's presidential campaign gained much-needed momentum over the weekend when he won landslide victories in in three state primaries -

Supreme Court’s Voting Right Act Debacle on Full Display in Arizona Primary

FEATURING ARI BERMAN - Arizona's primary election earlier this week was a disastrous display of the 2013 Supreme Court decision to gut the Voting Rights

Chris Hedges Urges Americans to “Vote With Their Feet”

FEATURING CHRIS HEDGES - This election year is shaping up, by most accounts, to be one of the most dramatic and historic one in recent

Jill Stein on How the Democrats Undermine Democracy

FEATURING DR. JILL STEIN - Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been an outsider for most of his Senate career. The outsider is attempting to

New Film Examines Cult-Like Effects of Right Wing Media

FEATURING JEN SENKO - The rise of Donald Trump has confounded the country. If one had to describe a typical Trump supporter it would be

Florida Fast Food Workers Demand Fight for $15 Ahead of Primary

FEATURING WESTLEY WILLIAMS and MARIANNE RANEY - Days ahead of the Florida primary race next Tuesday, fast food workers in the state have walked off

Who Will Black Voters Choose in South Carolina?

FEATURING CHENJERAI KUMANYIKA - Fresh from his victory in New Hampshire, Republican front runner Donald Trump headed to South Carolina where the next primary election

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